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Some football bookmakers offer perfect service, good odds and fast payouts. In contrast, others with withdrawal fees, long waiting times, meagre odds, etc., significantly reduce betting enjoyment. That’s why we want to introduce you to the best betting providers online on this page.

Who is the biggest betting company?

The size of a company doesn’t always say everything about its quality. Nevertheless, key figures such as the number of customers, sales, profit, employees, etc., testify to a certain seriousness and security.

However, since most betting providers do not like to be looked at in the cards, it is pretty difficult to find exact numbers for these indicators.

A further complicating factor is that some bookmakers act online and conduct their business via stationary betting offices.

This is especially the case with the traditional British bookies. No wonder, after all, England is considered the motherland of sports betting, which has its origins in its modern version of horse betting.

In addition, mergers of former online bookmakers with large gambling groups (some of which also include other betting providers) have increased recently. However, the betting base spared no expense and effort and identified the 5 largest betting providers (based on the factors mentioned above) through extensive research, including insider surveys: