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As the Soccer Performance website aims to bring something new to the game of football and to share different ideas and knowledge, we would be very pleased if you could contribute to its content. To know more about the reasons behind this site read the about section below. With the surprise of football betting on its own, there is also some special attention to the performances and ways for taking a safe football bet. Soccerperformance has been created with the aim of providing detailed innovative information and advice about playing and coaching football. It is aimed at coaches, players, referees, sports science students and anybody who would simply like to know more about the game. Everything on the site is currently free for your own use. To take the images and use them in your own presentations, simply click on each respective image with the right button and choose to save as to place on your hard drive. This site does not require any plug-ins and will work with any browser. Soccer Performance is interested in any company/club/association becoming a personal sponsor for the site. Otherwise, please don't hesitate to contact us to share your own knowledge and give your opinions on this site. It is hoped that a real online soccer community will be created to help everybody learn more about the world's most popular sport. Here are several excerpts from the Soccer Performances player/parents guide in relation to the role of the parent at Rotherham FC. We would like to express our thanks to the most respected Youth Coaches in English Professional Soccer for kindly donating this extremely useful guide.
  • Parents must not coach from the pitchside during matches and training
  • Parents should not criticise their child on any part of the Player’s game, leave this to the coaches since it may cause confusion and erode the Player’s confidence.
  • Be your child’s best fan and support him unconditionally. Don’t withdraw your love when he performs below his standard.
  • On transporting your son home, please be supportive and always focus on the positive aspects of his game.
  • Develop a responsibility in your son to pack his own kit, clean boots and bring along his water bottle full of water only.
  • Respect the facilities at Rotherham United and our opponents’ grounds.
  • Do not allow any of your young children to roam around the facilities, this particularly applies to our training ground, which is surrounded by a deep stream and a dangerous river, please also do not allow them to play on any goalposts, this could be dangerous.
  • Do not criticise your child’s coach to your child or other parents, if you are not happy with the coach you should raise the issue with the coach and follow the procedure laid out in the “Complaints/Grievance Procedure”
  • Encourage your child to speak with the coach. If your child is having difficulties in training or games, or can’t attend training etc. encourage him to speak directly to the coaches. This “responsibility taking” is a big part of becoming a mature person and a professional Player. By handling off the field tasks, your child is claiming ownership of all aspects of the game.
  • Monitor your child’s stress level at home. Keep an eye on the Player to make sure that they are handling stress effectively from the various activities of life.
  • Monitor eating and sleeping habits. Be sure that your child is eating the correct foods as suggested in the “Nutritional Programme”. Players should be in bed at 9.30 pm on the night before a game and early enough on other nights to ensure that adequate rest is being taken.
  • Help your child keep his priorities correct. He needs to maintain a focus on schoolwork, relationships, and other things in life besides football. However, you and he have made a commitment to the Club so help him to honour that commitment.
  • Help the young Player to focus on the performance and not the result.
  • Winning is not as important as performance.
  • Support all the Players in your son’s squad. Do not criticise any other Players in the squad.
  • Do not criticise the opponents, their parents, coaches or the referee.
  • View the game from the designated areas for spectators.
  • Football at the Rotherham United Centre for Excellence is “Serious Fun” football. We will try to challenge your child to reach out of his “comfort zone” and improve himself as a player and a person. We will attempt to do this in environments that are fun, yet challenging.
  • Should the Player and or his parent/guardian have any grievance or complaint then they shall follow the procedures set out in the booklet of the Complaints/Grievance Procedure.
  • The Football League carry out frequent inspections of the Football Clubs Youth Development Programme Players, Parents and Guardians are encouraged to contribute towards any such inspection in relation to asking questions of the Football League or answering any questions asked by The Football League. Players, Parents and Guardians may also obtain a copy of any report issued by The Football League on any matters that are not confidential.
John Bilton is currently in charge of Youth Development, Conditioning and is the Goalkeeping Coach at Rotherham United Football Club - English League Division 1. He formerly worked at Leeds Utd FC (Premier League) and holds the UEFA "A" License, the English Football Associations Fitness Trainers License (one of only 10 Holders in England) and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Sports Coaching. You can visit his website for more useful information and coaching tips.